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64 - Fluff Sans

fullview 1624x815

Rainbow Attack Poster

A large poster, printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper.


64 - Fluff Sans

Where did I go?

17th March 2012

9 months ago #9218002      

So Fox is comprised of about 30% fluff.
You learn something new everyday~

3 years ago #8453809      

quick! someone get pepe le pew

3 years ago #8283771      

@fishWithAKnife You got that avatar from Romantically Apocalyptic, Right? I got mine from SYAC.

3 years ago #8252315      

So a wet fox looks a little like a cat ._.

3 years ago #8250565      

2 days and STILL no love? I come to save the day! ^u^

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