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38 - CoffeeCoffeeCoffee

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38 - CoffeeCoffeeCoffee

Too much of a good thing may be too much.

8th November 2010

2 months ago #9273319      

Just as bad as sugary cereal.

8 months ago #9167300      

the only way to feel better in that situation is to drink more coffee


14 F
10 months ago #9125720      

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *ZAP!*


19 F
1 year ago #8967793      

Looks like me when I drink more than a mug or two of coffee a day. xD


17 M
1 year ago #8958944      

That is why I don't drink coffee.

and that would be an awesome adverse pic!

2 years ago #8821331      

bunny + coffee = Hyper Bunny!

2 years ago #8685603      

There is no such thing, as "too much coffee"

2 years ago #8538636      

Red fox:I WNT CAFFAH!!!!

3 years ago #8303861      

Bunny should switch to Decaf. Then he could have lots of coffee! :)

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